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Baby photography – how to make the most out of newborn photography?

The process  of newborn photography  

New moms and newborns. They have unique glow and the mother is full of a special light that only a newborn can offer to his family. They are a little tired of the new baby in they life, but they are also happy. They have a special light and they are surrounded  by a disco ball of pure love. I am glad I experience this unique feeling every time I make a newborn photography.   



Baby photography is not that simple and in order to make most out of the newborn photography I talk first with the mother, I tell her all about the steps that I use in photography since the moment of the maternity photoshoot, when the sweet angel is still in the belly. I tell all about the photoshoot and the steps that I need for the session, light preparation, location, baby preparation or even choosing the theme of the newborn photography session and the outfit of the little one.


How the mother feels in the process of newborn photography?


I see  almost every mom with a small tear of joy and full of emotion in each session that I make.
Being a mom myself I know this feeling every time I look at my little girl. I Am so amazed and so in love with her and sometimes I just can’t stoop looking at her and thinking if she is really real.  In this newborn photography the mother started to glow as quick as she was watching the results. I always have in mind different settings in mind for each little baby that come for newborn session.I love the simplicity and natural look with little twist.  Those baby pictures were expected to be part of a pink fairytale where this little princess was embracing love.

What do you think?  Do you feel the love also?

The life and emotion in the newborn photography  

With every photoshoot I try to create a unique moment and picture it in a frame, exactly like in this one

For me every session is challenging and diffrent and I use my camera to picture the moments of the newborn baby and embrace the beauty of life, the joy and emotions of hope, excitement, enthusiasm and a lot of love.



A lott of love, packed in pink with a scarf and a voice from the mother: “Ahhhh she is so sweet.” My stomach has butterflies in every newborn photography…
I love what I do 🙂 

For loving pictures of newborn, for photography shootings with happy mothers or newborns, you can find me here, for any questions or pictures.

With love,



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