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Newborn Photoshoot in Earlsfield, London

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now but I’ve been so busy I simply haven’t found the time! Today I want to talk about newborn photoshoots for parents who have a baby that wakes often.

I’ve been there, I didn’t have one of those “unicorn” babies who could sleep through a hurricane. In fact, my little girl would wake if I sneezed too loudly (true story), so I completely understand the stress that parents of a wakeful newborn have when it comes to sleep!

Often I will have nervous first-time parents arrive at my Earlsfield photography studio and warn me straight away that they don’t have “a sleeper” and worry that I won’t be able to get those snuggled up, sleeping-baby shots that are traditionally associated with newborns. I’ll tell you, my readers, what I tell them – everything will be fine, your baby is perfect.


The purpose of a newborn photoshoot is for me to capture images of your baby, not for your baby to be a model for my photos. There is a big difference. When photographers get this balance around the wrong way, it leads to a stressful time for all involved. Baby needs feeding? Take a break, that baby comes first. Baby doesn’t like lying on their back? Take shots with them safely on their tummy. Baby won’t be put down? I can take beautiful photos with them in your arms. I do what is best for you and your baby, not the other way around.

These are a selection of photos from a session I did recently. The family of this little guy came to my Earlsfield photography studio and, although we did get some great photos during the time he was asleep, he spent the majority of the time bright-eyed.

While a baby being awake does change the types of photos we might take on the day, I think that looking at these you’ll agree, it certainly doesn’t make the photos that are taken any less adorable!

If you’re looking for an Earlsfield photographer for your newborn photoshoot, get in touch with me to discuss what I offer by clicking here. I offer sessions from my studio in SW18 and also offer on-location sessions throughout the greater South and South West London areas.

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