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The Power of Simplicity in Baby Photography

Today I wanted to share with you a few photos from one of my recent baby photography sessions. A collection of images which jump off the page, these were taken in my Earlsfield studio and the black and white images are a fantastic example of how sometimes, less can be more.

If you follow my blog you’ll already know that I love the way that props and fabrics add to the texture, depth and warmth of a photo. Not only that, but they also provide the opportunity to bring in a colour palette that compliments your child and the room in which the image will be hung. Whether you’re head over heels for the minimalist looks of crisp whites and neutrals, or are more smitten with earthy greens and browns, textiles can bring so much to a session. BUT, and there is a but, there is no reason that you can’t opt for more simple images if that is what your heart pulls towards.

As a baby photographer, I think there is nothing more beautiful than the rounded, cherub-like form of a newborn. Partnering a pared-back photoshoot with black and white images results in a collection of images that strip all else aside, leaving the eye to rest only on the subject, in this case, an adorable baby girl who was brought into the studio by her wonderful parents.

Deciding when it is best to leave the added textures aside can be difficult if you’re not a photographer by profession. With walls of fabrics and pastel outfits in my studio, it’s easy to feel like a child in a sweet shop! In this shoot, the parents and I worked together to take a variety of shots, some of which featured the soft textiles and delicate props that I’m known for, but others which focused purely on the baby, creating powerful images like that of baby cocooned by the hands of her doting parents. In colour, so much of the detail of this image would have been lost.

In the family portraits we took during this shoot, both parents wore black, further complimenting the style of photography that we were creating. Had dad been wearing a printed shirt, or a light colour, that delicate curve of the baby’s cheek and the intricacies of three people entwined would have been lost, overwhelmed by the fabric behind or whitewashed with no shadow or contrast.

If you’re interested in booking a session with a baby photographer, keep in mind that you can choose a variety of images during the session, so if you’d like to intersperse black and white simplistic images with more colourful, textured images, I can help you make sure that you get an image to tick all of the boxes. If you’d like to discuss your options or book a session, you can reach me at my studio in Earlsfield, South West London by clicking this link, or by calling me on 07915 156372.

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