7 Good advice offered to new mums – that are actually good advice!

As a new mum you will get plenty of advice on all areas possible related to having a baby. While some of it is just plain old village tale, just as useful as
goldfish walker. Some advice given to new mums can be quite helpful, if not life saving! I found 7 such advocacies truly serving women on their journey of becoming a mother.

1. Nap with your little one
This one is at the top of the list! Your body has just gone through the most transformative event it could endure, it’s been creating a new life while utilising all resources possible, releasing this new life into the world and is now ‘cleaning up’ after the whole gig to bring you back (as close as possible) to your original state, while producing the most incredible food for your little bundle of joy, day and night! You will bleed for a few weeks and your uterus will keep contracting for a while.

It’s your human right to be tired! And your ‘new mum’ right to rest!

2. Write a journal
Yes, you will feel exhausted in those early days, and it will be the last thing on your mind to tend to, but do keep a little notebook with a pen handy whenever you sit for a feed.

The array of emotions that goes through a woman’s body after birth is extraordinary to say the least. Write It down, it will be like a photograph to look back at in a few years, reminding you about your first steps into motherhood and your growing love for that brand new little person.

And most of all, write down your birth story! It will be blur before you know it.

3. Don’t be reluctant to ask for help
Through years of being exposed to idealistic presentation of motherhood, you will most likely emerge into this role with unrealistic expectations ..towards yourself.

The truth is, on the beginning things will be messy, your tea will get cold in an eye blink and piles of dishes will grow uncontrollably. Don’t expect yourself to manage everything, it will only bring disappointment (and sorrow!). Ask for help! Get a friend to come down and vacuum, a family member to bring a dinner and a warm good soul to be all ears for you.

4. Take photos with your baby
If you haven’t’ already you may wish to consider booking a professional photographer to capture those raw first moments of your changing life within 14 days of your baby’s arrival. It will create memories for a lifetime and a keepsake to pass on to future generations!

And most of all, be in the photos with your sweet baby! Let this time be remembered, and let your baby know how you looked like the moment when you became a mother! They will look back at these photos in a few years, marveling at you and all the joy locked in the spark of your eyes!

The best time to book your photo session is while still pregnant to assure availability for when the baby arrives. Professional photographers will always offer an option of booking in advance!

5. Keep a few bottles of water handy in all the spots in the house where you sit down for a feed

The number of times you will feel like these are your final moments alive because of thirst and no rescue in sight is ridiculous! Seriously the moment you sit down to breastfeed will the thirst will strike as if you were running in a marathon! Make sure you have water handy (and a good book!) because if your baby nods off you may find yourself stuck for a little while.

6. Let go of all the -shoulds-
You will probably hear some unsolicited advice in this department with attempts to convince you that your baby should sleep through the night the moment it pops out your private parts or munch on solid foods right from the 3rd month of life. There are no shoulds with new babies other than closeness with their mum, eating and sleeping ..and that cycle will continue until approximately first smile mark. Just enjoy your baby!

7. Relax! You’re not expected to have all the answers. It’s on the job training!

You may sometimes feel like you’re the only mother out there who doesn’t hold it together. The truth is the only thing you’re lacking is experience! While some mums out there may seems so in control and well organised, well they most likely had plenty of opportunities to learn upon their previous experiences of not being so organised and totally out of control.

Slow down and don’t be to harsh on yourself. Welcoming a new person into your world will flip this world up side down. But time will make everything fall in the right place! And you will eventually learn how to keep up with all this chaos.

Hope you enjoyed reading through this list and that it gave you some reassurance in finding yourself in this completely new role.

Relax and enjoy your baby. Tere is never anything more important than just this!

You are an awesome mum!

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